Jocelyn is an artist living and working in Kingston, NY. She created her brand, PetitFelts, in 2011 and since then she has made it her goal to create high quality, unique needle felted pieces. She strives to make animals that spring to life through their expressions and whimsical humor. She puts lots of love into her work and above all else, she hopes that people can sense that when they come across her creations.


Jocelyn works out of her studio in the Hudson River Valley. She crafts each of her pieces by hand dying wool and using a technique called needle felting. The process involves tangling the fibers of wool with a barbed needle in order to create wool sculpture. 



Country Living Magazine - Jan/Feb 2018

Martha Stewart 2017 American Made Gift Guide

Upstate House

Sweet Paul Magazine

Bon Appetit

The Atlantan Magazine

And North

Etsy Featured Shop - May 2015

2015 American Craft Council Emerging Artist Award

2015 Felt Craft Award Winner - Craftys Awards


“These are each a work of art, really exceptional quality and beautiful work.” -Lee Thomas Harrison

"Jocelyn’s work is nothing short of just Amazing. I hope to be able to collect more of her animals in years to come.  I just love them. “ -Greg Slaton

“They looked beautiful on the screen but, OH MAN, they are amazing in person! I can't stop looking at them. Thank you for your beautiful work, Jocelyn!” - Kaori Drome

"Looking at a photo of Jocelyn's finger puppets only enables you to see a single, one-dimensional facet of her work. The artistry, craftsmanship and love that goes into each creation cannot truly be appreciated until you are able to hold one in your hands and marvel over knowing human hands created this beautiful, complex and carefully-detailed creature. I don't know how she does it, but I know I must have more..."  -Erica Sherman

“Amazing AMAZING so gorgeous thank you so much !!!!!” -Lisa Gardner

“My favorite go-to for baby and kids gifts. Such beautiful, well crafted heirloom items” -Susan Brinson

“The animals she makes are mind blowing in person. They have incredible detail and will fill your heart and home with wonder!”  -Kali-Bri Jones

“This fox has instantly become one of my most treasured belongings! It's so REAL!” -Nicholas Sabalos

“The workmanship is superb.” - Susan Schwartz

“Stunning, the images really cannot do justice to what a wonderful item it is once in hand. A treasure to behold, worked with a sublime eye for nuanced detail! That smirk. The tail. The jaunty hat! Came beautifully packaged to boot.” - Anton Jurenovic

“Where to begin. This dear little whale is just perfection. I hesitated at the price but I can tell you he was worth every penny.”-Stacey Elaine

“Jocelyn, you're a rockstar. Thank you, thank you!!” - Kristin Ashley MacCarthy