Glenda the Fox


Glenda the Fox


Glenda the fox not the kind of a fox who eats chickens, she's a chicken activist, and campaigns for a chicken's right to vote. She likes to watch classic movies on TV and unwind at the pool. She has a huge crush on Cary Grant and daydreams about dancing with him.

Glenda is approximately 7 inches long and stands approximately 3.5 inches high - the perfect height to perform in a finger puppet play, adorn a decorative tree branch, or sit quietly wherever you choose to place her.

For those with curious minds, needle felting is a process in which barbed needles are used to sculpt wool fiber into various forms.

Please keep in mind that these wool creations are entirely hand made, as well as hand dyed and will vary slightly each time I make them!

These are decorative pieces and they are not intended for young children, as they are handmade and have some delicate parts.

All items come gift wrapped in their very own PetitFelts box.

Items are made to order, so please allow 2-3 weeks for me complete your order and get it in the mail to you. I appreciate your patience!

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