Needle Felting Kit - Lamb


Needle Felting Kit - Lamb



Whether you're wanting to try out felting for the very first time, or whether you've felted for ages and just need a lamb with a party hat in your life, this kit is for you!

Needle felting is a process in which barbed needles are used to sculpt wool fiber into various forms. There is absolutely no sewing and no use of wires or armatures of any kind in this kit. Your little lamb will be solid wool, sculpted by YOU!

This kit includes...

White wool, a tiny bit of black wool, a tiny bit of pink wool

Two 38 Gauge felting needles

1 Foam work block

Booklet with VERY detailed instructions alongside beautiful illustrations

A diagram in the back of the booklet to use as a guide for size and shape

String and paper to make your little lamb a party hat (because all lambs secretly want party hats)

The finished lamb will be approximately 5 inches tall.

WARNING... Due to small parts and very sharp needles, neither this kit, nor the finished product is intended for use by small children. The recommended age for this kit is 10 and up.

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"PetitFelts' kit guided me through the process of needle felting so beautifully and with such helpful illustrations that I was feeling super confident by the end and had made a beautiful gift to give to friends / family. I immediately wanted to make more. The process is incredibly fascinating and so much fun to engage in. I would highly recommend this as a project for anyone wanting to try something new. You just might get hooked!"

-Erin Staub

"We were delighted from the moment our kits arrived-- by the sweet packaging, the easy instructions, whimsical illustrations, and the ample materials. The time spent together on this "found craft" was bonding, educational and therapeutic. I love this kit and all of Jocelyn's puppets because they are so unique and of heirloom quality. I can't wait until more puppet kits come out to add to our collection!"

-Marva Smith

"I opened the box to find clear step-by-step written and illustrated instructions that gave me the perfect guidance to my new favorite piece of art. I was so happy to find that this awesome DIY kit provided me with everything I needed to finish my project with ease. I highly encourage felters of all levels to try this addictively fun kit. Thank you PetitFelts for introducing me to the amazing world of felting!"

- Libby Paloma